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Joseph Michael Falduti is a native of Nutley, NJ. A versatile tenor, he has performed roles in both opera and musical theatre. He received a dual Bachelor of Music in Theory/Composition and Bachelor of Arts from Montclair State University.  Following that, he received a Master of Music in Vocal Performance in Music Theatre from New York University’s Steinhardt School, where he studied voice with Metropolitan Opera performer Jeremy Aye. He received a Certificate in Vocology from the National Center for Voice and Speech (NCVS) and University of Iowa’s prestigious Summer Vocology Institute. In addition, he holds an Advanced Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy, also from NYU, where he studied pedagogy with Dr. Brian Gill.

Teaching Philosophy

As a singer, pedagogue, and vocologist, he believes the primary goal is to stretch and unpress the voice, and find the balance between the four components of what Barbara Doscher called the “functional unity of the singing voice,” that is, airflow, the larynx, resonance, and the mouth. Furthermore, as a vocologist, he shares the goals of vocology, namely:

  • To find the ideal voice for an individual.
  • To teach clients how to feel good making vocal sounds.
  • To allow an individual to achieve maximum control of their voice.
  • To maximize the longevity of the voice.

Artistically, he firmly believes in the connection between text and singing. The purpose of learning vocal technique is to allow the voice to operate freely and efficiently on its own, allowing the performer to focus on the text and his or her connections with the others on stage. This concept was cemented as he studied vocology and interdisciplinary habilitation.   He discovered that the work of speech language pathologists is very similar to the work of a voice teacher. Furthermore, there is little difference between optimal vocal function in speech vs. singing. Thus, when the actor is communicating freely the singing voice is often enhanced. He has worked with all levels of singers, including beginners, hobbyists, and advanced performers of all ages. In addition, he has an excellent knowledge of musical theatre history and repertoire.

His particular interest is in working with professional singers who have developed or are overcoming voice disorders. Armed with the scientific background and relationships with laryngologists, SLPs, and other voice professionals, he is committed to helping injured singers re-coordinate their voices to aid in and speed their recovery. He also has an interest in working with singers to prepare for college auditions.

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