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Sarah Kapilow

I studied with Joe for the fall semester of 2012 and the spring semester of 2013 at NYU. Within that year’s time, my voice grew and improved more than it had over the course of my life. He taught me how to properly sing different syllables, techniques to sing without hurting my throat, how to properly use my head and chest voice while expanding my range, and how my vocal chords work. I currently sing in a pop-punk/alternative band named McCalister, and without Joe I’m sure that my voice would have been damaged by now. But ever since I started training with Joe, I now sing with a lot more power, character, and most of all technique than I have ever done before. I have a lot more confidence in my singing voice and that is all thanks to Joe’s patience, determination, vast knowledge of different vocal exercises, and plethora of tricks and techniques to work your vocal chords.

Sarah KapilowMcCalisterNYC



Mark K.
650d ago

…To sing well, a singer needs to be able to hear well. To teach someone to sing well, by default, implies that the teacher also needs to be able to hear well. Not just to that someone¬ís voice, but to the their individual needs. This, above all else is Joseph’s skill. His patience and encouragement is noteworthy….And then to be able to guide that voice (perhaps in tiny steps, as was necessary with my skills as they first arrived) to a place where it ought to be heard; where I am happy to be heard.and such was my experience.

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